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Saturday, July 20, 2024
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Facing Opposition
ICEBREAKER: As a child, were you ever the victim of a bully?
What did you do, and how did you react?
·       Read Mark 6:20 (both NLT and KJV versions)
·       Herod liked to listen to John and even “did many things,” but he failed to embrace John’s message in his own life. Why do some people like to hear about Jesus, watch Christian television programs, or attend church but will not go a step further and commit to Christ? What can we do to reach out to such people and encourage them to “go all the way” with the Lord?
·       In the story of Herod, we see how Herod, because of not wanting to be embarrassed in front of his guest, agreed to the execution of John. What are some areas in which we sometime compromise because we don’t want to be embarrassed, or, we are afraid of what others will think about us? What is the antidote for such behavior?
·       We all face times of stress and opposition in our lives. It is important during such times to remember that we need to take the time to regroup and refresh ourselves. Why do we fail to recognize the importance of rest and relaxation during times of stress?
·       What are some ways that you relieve stress in your life? How do you balance ministry with the need for rest?
·       APPLICATION: In small groups, discuss areas of stress in your lives and what could be done to counter it. Pray for one another in those areas.

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